About us

GWH is a brandbuilder and a commercial partner of many successful Wine and Spirits brands.

In our portfolio there are two Top 5 wine brands in Baltic market - Dreamer and Gran Castillo. So how we did it? First, wine is our passion and commercial challenges are our opportunities. Our mantra is simple: "Wine should speak an easy language, understandable and confident for the buyer, accessable and enjoyable for the consumer".

Our aim is to build a harmony between a palate of an everyday consumer and an attractive commercial packaging of the product.

We believe, that there is a product for any occasion, just let us determine the key factors and we will solve the puzzle. Furthermore, we are not just a laboratory of product development. We are in close contacts with major distribution and retail organisations in Baltic and Nordic countries.
So, if your aim is to trade with wines and spirits, which already have a nice commercial track, or extend your line with new products, GWH is ready to fuel up and materialize your ideas into profit.