Bocca Glögg



Bocca Glögg is made according to unique recipe from the heritage of Italian wine-merchant family. German winemakers have carefully used this mixture to produce the perfect glögg using selected herbs mixed with best Tempranillo wine.


Bocca Glögg is a full-bodied Tempranillo based wine flavored with traditional mulled wine spices. It has a spicy aroma with a hint of cardamom and gloves.  The perfect balance and spectacular character comes form the Tempranillo wine mixed with cane Sugar.

Bocca Glögg is dedicated to all 19th century Scandinavian wine-merchants whom unique glögg recipes can be enjoyed today. Word "bocca" comes from the italian language and means "mouth“.

Serving suggestions:

Bocca Glögg is heated up to 70c and served in a cognac glass with raisins and almonds. Perfect combination with dark chocolate desserts and gingerbread.