Casablanca de Cuba DARK RUM


Country of Origin: Carribbean


Casablanca de Cuba Dark Rum is powerful blend of selected Carribbean rums with true taste of wild paradise. Only the finest sugarcane, the most aromatic molasses and the purest water are selected to receive the extended aging and artful blending.

Perfectly dark, it presents an oaky bouquet of roasted wood, tobacco and vanilla, followed by sweet caramel with hints of roasted banana and warm spice. Casablanca de Cuba Dark Rum is result of knowledge and experience - true art of blending.

Serving suggestions:

Casablanca de Cuba Rum is perfect for preparing the coctails. Place icecubes in the glass, add 4cl Casablanca de Cuba Dark Rum and fullfill the glass with Coca-Cola. To finish the coctail add some laim.