Terre Collina

TERRE COLLINA introducion
From the vine to the bottle, great care is taken to assure quality, consistency and authenticity.
Terre Collina selection is an example of how the quality and image of the best Italian classic wines can meet the taste of an International audience, telling a story of family, tradition and art of winemaking.

TERRE COLLINA vegan friendly wines
Terre Collina wines are all suitable for vegans.
Meaning our wines have not been fined, filtered or come into contact with anything derived from an animal or dairy source. All our wines are animal friendly.
Back label have sign to ensure that they are suitable for vegans.

TERRE COLLINA organic range
Organic products are getting more and more popular, organic wines are slowly but securely finding their loyal audience.
The climate advantage of Sicilian vineyards location allows us to produce extraordinary grapes without the additional of any artificial and chemical products, in accordance with organic farming principles.
Organic range front labels are all made from 100% recycled paper. Terre Collina Organic wines are easy to enjoy, for wide range of consumers due to great price and quality ratio.

TERRE COLLINA standard range
We are talking of two best-sellers from Italy.
Pinot Grigio, selected from sunny island of Sicily where the grapes expresses the best characteristics of fruitiness and softness, and Negroamaro, one of the kings of autochthone varieties from Puglia, spicy and mouth filling.
Very commercial wines from presentation and taste point of view.