Gran Mirador Brandy 20cl

Gran Mirador Brandy 20cl



36.0% vol

Product description

Gran Mirador brandy is made from 7 white grapes of La Mancha region. Mainly Airen, responsible for delivering good aromas and moderate acidity, but also with the addition of Sauvignon blanc, Verdejo, Moscatel, Torrontes, Macabeo, Viognier, making the final blend very nicely balanced, fresh, crispy, aromatic and with the floral touch of magnolia and honeysuckle with the combination of citrus and grass hints.

Gran Mirador brandy is a result of final blend of different age spirits. They are from one year old to 15 years old brandies, making the average age of 7 years old brandies inside Gran Mirador blend. Maturation of Gran Mirador brandy is taking place 100% in 225 L oak casks. There are 7 origins of the oak when sourcing the oak barrels for aging Gran Mirador brandy. Most of the casks are made from the French oak, and 80% of the blend is matured in them, but also with the 20% proportion of brandies kept in the barrels, produced from American, Slovenian, Romanian, Czech, Italian and Hungarian. This art of blending of different oak types brings together unique bouquet of spice, vanilla, caramel, coffee and nuts aromas, which can be easily found in the final Gran Mirador blend.

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