Casa Charlize


Inspired by the growing success of wines characterized by great power and soft finesse, we introduce CASA CHARLIZE selection, new concentrated and elegant wines that drive full fruity flavours and mouth filling texture.


Since 1903 Castellani Family put at the center of exclusive wine projects a great team of professionals, winemakers and experts of wine distribution on International markets. From the vine to the bottle, great care is taken to assure quality, consistency and authenticity. CASA CHARLIZE selection is an example of how the quality and image of the best Italian classic wines can meet the taste of an International audience, telling a story of family, tradition and art of winemaking.


Casa Charlize wines are the result of a selection of grapes from vineyards in Tuscany, on a fertile land mostly made of sand, clay and rich in fossil shells.


With a focus on International markets, Casa Charlize projects includes two best-sellers from Italy. Pinot Grigio, selected from sunny island of Sicily where the grapes expresses the best characteristics of fruitiness and softness, and Primitivo, the king of autochthone varieties from Puglia, spicy and mouth filling.